Runes of Mystery

The double item drop rate on the weekend

The double item drop rate on the weekend

Dear young heroes,

All our young heroes are receiving intensive training with the experienced instructors of the Taborean Academy. They are learning quickly and experiencing a lot, but even the mightiest heroes need more than raw muscle power – they need good armor and reliable weapons to face the most dangerous monsters. The academy instructors have decided to assist their students in acquiring new equipment.

There will be a +100% increase in item drop rates! Don’t miss this opportunity to shine and get shiny new gear for your adventurous training!

Please note that the item drop rate increase applies when players are in a party.

We hope that our players will be overflowing with brand new and powerful equipment during this special event, and we wish each of you an exciting weekend filled with adventure! We hope our students and heroes are equipped with the best gear for their new adventures and become even stronger in the lands of Taborea.

Seize this unique opportunity and prepare your heroes for future battles by collecting the most valuable items!

Best of luck and have a great time,

Runes of Mystery Team


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