Runes of Mystery

Runes of Mystery Launch

Runes of Mystery Launch

It’s time to dive into magical worlds! We are thrilled to announce that Runes of Mystery, a world filled with excitement and mystery that has captivated millions of players, will officially embark on its journey in Turkey with brand registration and patent protection!

Launch Date: [30 November 2023]

Each and every one of you who follows and supports us is invited to wield your swords and spells in the rich and diverse world of Taborea, where breathless adventures await. New friendships, dungeons filled with dangers, and epic battles await you!

Special Launch Events and Surprise Gifts: With the opening of Runes of Mystery, a series of special events and amazing surprises await our heroes. Don’t miss the chance to win special launch costumes, rare pets, and many other unique rewards!

Brand and Patent Information: Runes of Mystery operates in Turkey completely legally and officially, with trademark registration and patents. Ensuring that our players enjoy a safe and protected gaming experience within this epic world is our top priority.

Official Website and Community Platforms: Follow our official website and social media channels for all the latest information, announcements, and events related to the game!

We promise to offer you a game world filled with endless adventures, wonderful friendships, and unforgettable memories. Join the battle, write your own epic, and become a part of this unique world!

Together, to countless victories and adventures,

Runes of Mystery Team


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