Runes of Mystery

Runes of Mystery is Safer with our Revamped AntiCheat System!

Runes of Mystery is Safer with our Revamped AntiCheat System!

Hello “Runes of Mystery” Players,

We have made significant updates to our anti-cheat chat system to make your gaming experience safer and more enjoyable! Our newly developed AntiCheat system provides much more effective protection against cheaters, offering you a cheat-free gaming environment. With this update, you can communicate in-game more securely and enjoy being protected against cheating attempts. Experience the update and continue your adventures in a fair and cheat-free gaming environment! Do not hesitate to share your in-game experiences and feedback with us. We are always working to create a better gaming environment.

Here are the updated AntiCheat features for Runes of Mystery:

  1. FDB Data Modification Blocked: The use of the game’s original files is now mandatory. This prevents modification of FDB data.
  2. Model Usage Prohibited: The use of models is automatically detected and the account owner is notified via email.
  3. Different Client Files Input Blocked: Access to the game is granted only after the server file verifies the client file.
  4. Macro and Chat Engine Programs Blocked: The use of micro macros and chat engine programs is blocked.
  5. Enhanced Security Measures: The system automatically shuts down when terms like “ROMeo’s Multihack” are searched on Google.
  6. Use of Artificial Intelligence: A self-improving and learning artificial intelligence model has been developed.
  7. These updates have been implemented to ensure a clean and fair gaming experience. AntiCheat version has been updated to 1.1. Thank you to our valuable players.

[Runes of Mystery] Team


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