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Cookie Information Text

Cookie Information Text

Runes of Mystery ("Runes of Mystery" or "ROM"), as the data controller, attaches great importance to the protection of your personal data. With this Clarification Text, we would like to inform you about your personal data in accordance with the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data ("GDPR" or "Law"), the Communiqué on the Procedures and Principles to be Followed in Fulfilling the Disclosure Obligation and other legislation.

Runes of Mystery has adopted the following principles when processing personal data.

  • Compliance with the law and ethical standards.
  • Being accurate and up-to-date when necessary.
  • Processed for specific, explicit, and legitimate purposes.
  • Relevance, limitation, and proportionality to the purpose for which they are processed.
  • Retention for the duration prescribed by the relevant legislation or as long as necessary for the purposes for which they were processed.

Identity of the data controller

Company Title : Simyacı Bilişim LTD. ŞTİ.

Contact Address : Küçükbakkalköy, 1, Vedat Günyol Cd., 34750 Ataşehir/İstanbul

Email address : [email protected]

The purpose for which personal data will be processed

Personal Data Category

Personal Data


Name / Surname,


Email Address, Phone Number, Message

Transaction Security

IP Address Information, Website Login and Logout Information, Password and Passcode Information,


Information obtained through cookie records

Your personal data in the form is processed by us in compliance with the limits specified in the law.

Your personal data are obtained in the following ways by our Company personally or through third party business partners from whom our Company receives services, in whole or in part, by automatic means or by non-automatic methods provided that they are part of the data recording system.

Your personal data;

  1. Creating a membership via the company website
  2. When the website is visited, cookies are automatically collected.

Purposes and legal grounds for processing your personal data

Your personal data is obtained and processed within the scope of the following purposes and legal reasons in order to provide you with better service.

  • In case you communicate with our Company, your identity and contact information within the scope of the legitimate interests of our Company in accordance with Article 5/2-f of the GDPR in the execution of communication activities, follow-up of requests/complaints,
  • During website visits, transaction security information is obtained and processed in accordance with the legitimate interests of the company in accordance with Article 5/2-f of the GDPR.
  • Commercial electronic messages for the purpose of informing you about advertisements and campaigns can only be sent if you give your explicit consent in accordance with Article 5/1 of the GDPR and the exceptions set out in Article 6 of the Regulation No. 6563 on Commercial Communication and Commercial Electronic Messages, as regulated in Article 5 or if you give your consent through the Message Management System (IYS).

Detailed information about cookie records is provided under the 'COOKIES' section.

To whom and for what purpose personal data may be transferred

Your personal data being processed is collected based on the purposes mentioned above and in accordance with the conditions specified in GDPR Article 8 and 9. In cases where explicit consent is required by law, it is collected with explicit consent, and in cases where it is mandatory and to the extent required by law.

(1) Authorized public institutions and organizations within the scope of legal obligations,

(2) Within the scope of following and conducting legal affairs, to consultant lawyers, judicial and administrative authorities,

(3) To foreign service providers from whom we receive IT services (corporate email, etc.) within the scope of your explicit consent, in accordance with Article 9/1 of the GDPR (Personal Data Protection Law),

(4) In case you approve the sending of commercial electronic messages, your personal data can be transferred to overseas service providers within the scope of your explicit consent, in accordance with Article 9/1 of the GDPR (Personal Data Protection Law).



If you are under 18, you need to visit the Website under the supervision of your parents. You should not use this Website and share any personal data without the supervision or approval of your parents.

Cookie Usage

We use cookies on our website to ensure that you get the most out of it and to enhance your user experience. If you prefer not to use cookies, you can delete or block them through your browser settings. However, please note that this may affect your usage of our website.

What is a cookie and why is it used?

Cookies are small text files stored by websites you visit on your device or network server through browsers.

The main purposes of using Cookies on our website are listed below:

  • By improving the functionality and performance of the website, we aim to enhance the services provided to you.
  • To improve the website and introduce new features through it, as well as to personalize the provided features according to your preferences.
  • To ensure the legal and commercial security of both you and our company, the website is used.

Types of cookies

Session Cookies

(Session Cookies)??

Session Cookies are temporary Cookies that are used during our visitors' visit to the Website and deleted after the browser is closed.

The primary purpose of using these types of cookies is to ensure the proper functioning of the website during your visit.

For example, it allows you to fill out online forms consisting of more than one page.

Persistent Cookies

(Persistent Cookies)

Persistent Cookies are a type of cookies used to enhance the functionality of the website and provide visitors with a faster and better service.

These types of cookies are used to remember your preferences and are stored on your device through browsers.

Some types of Persistent Cookies can be used to provide you with personalized recommendations based on factors like your usage patterns on the website.

Persistent Cookies allow our website to recognize that you have visited it with the same device again. If there is a cookie created by our website on your device, it will be checked upon your return, and the content presented to you will be tailored accordingly. This helps us provide you with a better service based on your previous interactions with our site.

Technical Cookies

(Technical Cookies)

Technical Cookies are used to ensure the operation of the website and to identify pages and areas of the website that are not working.

Authentication Cookies

(Authentication Cookies)

Visitors, upon logging into the website using their passwords, are identified as site users on each page they visit through such Cookies, preventing the user from having to re-enter their password on every page.

Flash Cookies

(Flash Cookies)

These are the types of cookies used to enable the activation of visual or audio content on the website.

Personalization Cookies

(Customization Cookies)

Cookies used to remember users' preferences when visiting different pages of different websites. For example, remembering your language preference.

Analytical Cookies

(Analytical Cookies)

These are cookies that enable the generation of analytical results such as the number of visitors to the website, the determination of pages viewed on the website, the times of website visits, and scrolling movements on website pages.

Information about the cookies used on our website

You can find detailed information in the cookie policy section on our website.

Can the use of cookies be blocked by data subjects?

Adobe Analytics

Google Adwords

Google Analytics

Google Chrome

Internet ExplorerÇerezler




The other rights of the data subject listed in Article 11

Dear website visitors, we would like to inform you that you have the following rights under Article 11 of the GDPR (Personal Data Protection Law):

  • Learn whether their personal data is being processed,
  • Request information if their personal data has been processed,
  • To learn the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used in accordance with their purpose,
  • To know the third parties to whom personal data are transferred domestically or abroad
  • To request correction of personal data in case of incomplete or incorrect processing
  • Request deletion or destruction of personal data,
  • To request notification of the correction, deletion or destruction of personal data to third parties to whom personal data are transferred,
  • The right to object to a decision based solely on automated processing of data that produces adverse effects on the individual.
  • In case of damage due to unlawful processing of personal data, to demand compensation for the damage

KVKK ‘nın 11. Maddesindeki haklarınız ile ilgili taleplerinizi, Veri Sorumlusuna Başvuru Usul ve Esasları Hakkında Tebliğ ’e göre Küçükbakkalköy, 1, Vedat Günyol Cd., 34750 Ataşehir/İstanbul adresine yazılı olarak veya üyeliğinizin teyit edildiği elektronik posta üzerinden [email protected] e-posta adresine iletebilirsiniz. Talebinizin niteliğine göre en kısa sürede ve en geç otuz gün içinde başvurularınız ücretsiz olarak sonuçlandırılacaktır; ancak işlemin ayrıca bir maliyet gerektirmesi halinde Kişisel Verileri Koruma Kurulu tarafından belirlenecek tarifeye göre tarafınızdan ücret talep edilebilecektir.

I have read and understood the User Clarification Text above. I undertake that I will notify Runes of Mystery immediately in case of any change in my personal data in this Text.


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