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Runes of Mystery – CHAPTER II Patch Notes

Hello friends, Our server will soon switch to level 55 patch. It is already a very long-winded and huge patch on its own, but we wanted to have our own touches. Rather than the classic 55, we plan to continue this series in 55 and later ‘Big’ patches. We hope the ‘Awakening Collection’ content will be beneficial to our server. 🙂


New Level Limit: 55

New Zones: Weeping Coast, Savage Lands, Aotulia Volcano

New Dungeons: Origin, Heart of the Ocean, Hall of Survivors, Cave of the Water Dragon, Lair of the Demon Dragon, Zurhidon Stronghold, Hall of the Demon Lord

New Content: Awakening Collection

New Item Rarity: Gold


As you know, when we introduced patch 50, we added more than 100 new armor, weapon and accessory lines, as well as some dungeon buffs. With patch 55, you’re going to get a very sharp introduction. That’s why these dungeons on standard difficulty will be much, much easier than normal. That’s why we’ve done some balancing in all dungeons for patch 55.

3 major dungeons now have daily entry restrictions. This means that you and your team will only be able to enter the Hall of Survivors, Zurhidon Stronghold, and the Hall of the Demon Lord once per day. The 2nd time you try to enter, either the game will not let you into the dungeon or you will not be able to see the bosses before the last one.



The Scout class needs a bit of an overhaul. It is still at a very strong level. That’s why it’s a class that we need to cut down a bit instead of touching its general damage dealing skills. That’s why restrictions have been placed on the Blood Arrow and Speed Shooting Mastery skills.

Blood Arrow: Reduced effect duration to 30 seconds. HP absorption rate increased from 8% at level 50 to 10% now. It also now has a cooldown of 2 minutes to prevent constant use of the skill.

Speed Shooting Mastery: Ranged weapon attack speed has been restored from 41% at level 50 to its standard level of 38.5%.


Whenever we have time, we try to take a look at class combinations that are not preferred. The Scout/Nature Scholar class is one of them.

Snake Poison Arrow: Damage values have been increased to 853.5% DPS, the damage value of the Scout’s Snipe skill.

Elven Eye: Slight update to the critical hit rate of the skill:

  • Before: Lv55 –> 393 Crit Rate
  • Now: Lv55 –> 545 Critical Rate

Focus: This skill now converts 75% of Wisdom into Physical Attack instead of 50%.

Archer Blessing: Increased the damage reduction to allies when using the skill from 10% to 25%.


Repelling Arrow: The damage dealt by the ability has been increased from 800% to 1080% DPS.

Healing Shot: Base damage increased from 60% to 80% and healing rates increased by 2x over current healing rates.



Hysteric Vengeance: Increased the crit rate provided by the ability.

  • Before: Lv55 –> 156.4 Crit Rate
  • Now: Lv55 –> 360 Critical Rate

Poison Shroud: We’ve increased the poison damage dealt by the ability by up to two times, now dealing 1840.0 poison damage every 2 seconds instead of 920.0 damage.

Slaughter Blessing: In order to make the Blessing of Carnage skill more functional, the 5% increase in attack and magic power that the skill grants to allies has been increased from 5% to 12%.



Natural Attack: Removed the 15 rage requirement for this ability. Instead, this ability now requires mana to cast.

Glory Wand: This skill now gives physical damage in addition to attack speed and received healing.

Cross of Thorns Attack: The rage requirement for this skill was removed and replaced with mana to make it more functional.


This is probably the favorite part of the Warden and Warrior players. The number of Warden players on our server has been very low. Therefore, we had to revise one of the most important skill of the warden class, the Charged Chop skill.

Charged Chop: Now the spell duration of the ability as 2 seconds has been completely removed. The cooldown has been reduced from 3 seconds to the standard 1 second. There are some balancings in the damage compared to this:

  • Lv55 –> 365.5% DPS damage.

We hope our Warden and Warrior players are happy with this change 🙂


A different chapter, different runes. Moving to patch 55, we now have new runes as well as new rune limits. These are as follows:

Rank 0 Runes: There is no tier increase. Their maximum tier level is V as it is now.

Rank 1 Runes: These runes now have their maximum tier level increased to V.

Rank 2 Runes: At level 50, Tier 2 runes could be upgraded to a maximum tier level of III. This level has now been increased to IV.


Rank 3 and 4 Runes: All Rank 3 and 4 runes have been added to our game. However, since these runes are powerful runes, the maximum tier limit that these runes can reach has been set to III.

Rank 5 Runes: We did not add all of the runes belonging to Tier 5 to the game, because there are a few runes in these runes that will upset the balance of the game. We are saving them for later patches. The maximum level limit that these runes can reach is III. For now, these are the runes that joined us with Rank 5:

  • Advance I-II-III,
  • Aggression I-II-III,
  • Block I-II-III,
  • Shield I-II-III and
  • Revolution I-II-III.


You know that in the level 50 patch, your monster cards didn’t give any attributes. You can already guess the reason for this. In level 55 update, monster cards now have their own attributes. Now the monster cards that can be obtained in the game and are currently in your card book gives attributes.


We have completely removed the spawn requirements for bosses named Akeli, The Sage, Beruda Lize, Ayelo and Hillarzu the First. They will now spawn in their current locations every 24 hours, like Aisha and Anselve.


We’ve added a new item to our game. Snoop the Merchant will now go with you from adventure to adventure, providing you with items such as potions and ammunition, as well as helping you sell items that weigh you down.


Yes, we have come to the champion of our patch notes. The ‘Awakening Collection’ will continue with us as a collection that will appear again in the ‘big updates’ starting with patch 55. We now have two new NPCs. These are Dante and Linda Morningfall, two siblings who are setting foot on the continent of Candara as the first leg of their long adventure. In exchange for your efforts, you can receive some remarkable items. You can find these two friends at the entrance to the Hall of Survivors and in the Resurrection Zone, where you teleport at the exit of the Hall of the Demon Lord and Zurhidon Stronghold.

New Awakening Collection Sets (Armor Sets):

  • Knight’s Falcon Suit (Awakened),
  • Demon Slaughter Outfit (Awakened),
  • Giant Tree Summoning Outfit (Awakened),
  • Atrocity Suit (Awakened),
  • Scout’s Unicorn Armor (Awakened),
  • Pure Fire Set (Awakened),
  • Holy Spirit Set (Awakened) and
  • Primal Spirit Set (Awakened).

New Awakening Sets (Accessory Sets):

  • Dilan’y Will (Awakened),
  • Ifur’s Blessing (Awakened),
  • Flame Dragon Power (Awakened) and
  • Flame Dragon Intelligence (Awakened).

With these new additions, there are now new goals to strive for as well as ordinary dungeon runs. You know that these sets will be a future investment for you. Dante Morningfall will tell you the details we missed 🙂


  • Changed the login screen theme and music.
  • The inappropriate word filter in the game has been completely removed. Most of you know the reason for this. Some items were censored by this filter. So you better watch your words when communicating with other players 🙂
  • Advanced Bind Lifter and new level-appropriate enhancement stones will be permanently added to the item market. We plan to add special content like stat extraction stones to the item market only during weekend promotions at first.


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