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We have made extensive changes for the first step, Chapter I. The importance of this patch for us is to keep the infrastructure we’re building moving in an organized way as we slowly build it out. . The first part covers; RACES-CLASSES-SKILL TREES-DUNGEONS-RUNES and Open World adjustments.


As you may have guessed, the Elven race was announced in the transition patch 52, along with the Weeping Coast map and the Heart of the Ocean. Our edits indicate that patch 50 may take quite a long time. Therefore, there may be players who have met the elf race during this process and want their character to be an elf. Therefore, we will introduce the elf race with patch 50.


Class-wise, all characters will now gain Physical Attack or Magic Attack from their base stat. For example, the Scout class used to get 1 Physical Attack each from Agility and Strength, but will now get 2 Physical Attacks directly from Agility. Other classes will now grant stats as follows:

:Savas: —> 1 STR = 2 P.ATK

:valye: —> 1 STR = 2 P.ATK

:Gardiyan: —> 1 STR = 2 P.ATK

:Duzenbaz: —> 1 DEX = 2 P.ATK

:izci: —> 1 DEX = 2 P.ATK

:buyucu: —> 1 INT = 2 M.ATK

:rahip: —> 1 INT = 2 M.ATK

:doaalimi: —> 1 INT = 2 M.ATK

All classes and combinations in the game have been reorganized according to these changes. Class combinations that are not actively used and forgotten are now just as good as familiar combinations. You will now be able to try and enjoy a side class combination of your main class that you have never tried before.


  • Brand new item sets and weapons have been added to the Forsaken Abbey, Necropolis of Mirrors, Pasper’s Shrine, Kalin Shrine, Ruins of the Icedwarf Kingdom and Treasure Trove dungeons. These dungeons now have completely different items (possibly some addons you are using will not show you these items. You will discover these items yourself for a certain period of time).
  • The item sets in the Cyclops Lair dungeon have been adjusted. As with the other new items we’ve added, we’ve also added an extra set for healing classes.
  • All dungeon bosses in patch 50 will now drop GUARANTEED items. And the stat pools for each item are not fixed like before, each armor type has 6 different stat variations.
  • We have made some updates to the weapons already in the game. These weapons and the newly added weapons will now have their own unique properties (Physical Attack, Magic Attack, Healing Power, etc.).
  • The new items we’ve added are really powerful up to each pass stage, and we’ve made more powerfull the dungeons proportionally.
RUNES Runes are still the same as you know them, but for patch 50 we’ve put restrictions on their creation. Rank 0 Runes —> Resistance, Endurance, Vigor etc. The maximum tier level that these runes will reach is 5 for now, Rank 1 Runes —> Cruelty, Stamina, Atonement, Rouse etc. runes will reach maximum tier level 4, Rank 2 Runes —> The maximum tier level that runes such as Ferocity, Keenness, Mayhem, Devil etc. will reach is 3. Rank 2 and later runes will not be available in patch 50. These runes will be gradually unlocked in future patches.


  • Common World Bosses in the game (Tifka, Pirlanok, Kalod, Bronze Shell Scooray, Giant Guardian, Taylin Fishbone, Marclaw Hammertooth, Chester Iron Armor, Perodia) have been turned into high-level bosses. These bosses will respawn every 12 hours and from them you will get a bag with crafting runes, materials to upgrade your guild castle and some items from the item shop.
  • World bosses Anselve and Aisha will now spawn spontaneously every 24 hours in a random location in their home region. The requirement to kill an average of 3000 creatures has been removed.
  • Lynn Binpike, Worr Binpike and Kal Turok Myrmex Queen have been leveled to 58 and existing weapons for these bosses have been made more powerful and new weapons have been added.


  • We have plans for the PvP system, but for now, we have added some extra features to the PK ability. You will not be able to turn off this ability for 1.5 hours after you activate the PK ability. While this ability is active on you, you will get 50% TP gained from battles, 25% gathering speed and experience, and 75% item drop rate. Additionally, while this ability is active, all damage you deal to players will be reduced by 75%. The only way to cancel the ability is to be killed by another player or wait for 1.5 hours for it to wear off. Risk = Gain


  • We have designed a special map for our server, with NPCs such as Auction, Mail, Housekeeper, etc. within the map. On this map you can test your new class combinations and upgrade your weapon levels.


  • Monster cards will not give stats until a certain period of time. You can still collect the cards. You will be able to get stats for these cards when we add stats in the future.



  • We’ve made some changes to the Vahtos accessory sets you’ve been using as a transitional phase. In addition to Magic and Physical classes, there are now special sets for tank and healer classes.
  • We have added special accessory sets for each class to the series of missions that most of you know as meat-eyes. These accessory sets are made in 2 pieces. We hope you can easily obtain these sets with a little effort.
NOTE: From the moment our server is active, it will start with XP and TP rates x1 for now.


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