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1. Runes of Mystery Area of Application

1.1 The following general terms and conditions apply to contracts concluded with Runes of Mystery (hereafter referred to as 'Runes of Mystery') and, in particular, the use and provision of websites and online games provided by Runes of Mystery including the software necessary to run them.

1.2 Any conflicting or deviating terms and conditions of customers (hereafter referred to as 'USER(S)') shall not apply, even if Runes of Mystery does not explicitly object to them, unless Runes of Mystery explicitly agrees with the other terms and conditions in writing.

1.3 Customers can print these General Terms and Conditions or download them to their PCs.

1.4 The websites and online games operated by Runes of Mystery may be accessed by customers via PCs connected to the Internet, insofar as customers have an Internet connection.

1.5 These websites and online games are for entertainment purposes only. These games and websites made available by Runes of Mystery are intended for private use only, not commercial use.

2. Conclusion of Contract

2.1 Participation in the online games is only possible after the USER has opened an account during the registration process. By sending the above-mentioned application form (Registration) the customer sends Runes of Mystery an offer for the conclusion of a contract of use. However, the contract shall not be concluded upon completion and submission of the form.

2.2 The contract shall only come into effect after the application is accepted by Runes of Mystery and the customer receives a confirmation of registration by Runes of Mystery to the e-mail address the customer provided and when the confirmation link contained within the email is clicked on (Confirmed opt-in). This contract is formed and governed under the laws of [insert], and the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of courts of [insert].

3. Prices

Fees for the use of the websites, online games, and their respective content can be found in the current price lists for individual products from Runes of Mystery. The prices for the respective products can be found on the corresponding websites. Runes of Mystery has the right to change these prices at any time. The user will be notified of any price changes by email. These changes will be assumed as accepted if the USER does not object to them, in part or in full, by email or letter, within two weeks of receiving the notification from Runes of Mystery. Runes of Mystery is obliged to make the customer in receipt of the email aware of this limited time period. If the customer chooses to end the contract within the above-mentioned time period, the contract shall end at the point when these price changes would come into effect. In this case, any remaining credit balance the USER may possess will be refunded.

4. Duration of the User Contract, Cancellation

4.1 The duration of User Contracts with a specified duration (subscription) is chosen by the USER when filling out the above-mentioned application form.

4.2 If the USER chooses a User Contract with a duration of one month, the user contract will automatically renew if it is not cancelled by one of the contract parties by letter or email ten days before the end of the month.

If the contract is for a longer period but shorter than 12 months, it renews itself by the previously chosen period of time if it is not cancelled at least 10 days before the end of the contract period by one of the contract parties, either in writing or by e-mail.

If the USER has chosen a contract period of 12-24 months, the contract will renew itself by a period of 12 months if it is not cancelled at least 10 days before the end of the contract period by one of the contract parties, either in writing or by e-mail.

4.3 The right of both parties to terminate the contract for cause remains unaffected by Point 4.2. A party may terminate the contract for cause if one or more of the follow occurs: (a) a material breach of one of the terms of this user contract by one of the parties, (b) if one of the parties has filed for bankruptcy, (c) if the USER has breaches his or her duties according to points 9.5, 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 11.1, 11.2 or 11.7 of the this user contract, (d) if the USER breaches penal or criminal law, or (e) if the USER defaults on payment due under this user contract for at least two consecutive payment periods.

In the case of Runes of Mystery terminating this user contract for cause in accordance with point 4.3, the USER will be recompensed pro rata for payments made beyond the termination period. The right to assert further claims is excluded, insofar as this does not contradict any points stipulated in these Terms and Conditions. [this does not make sense to us]

If Runes of Mystery justifiably terminates a contract for good reason, then Runes of Mystery is entitled to make a deduction from the fees already paid by the USER, (pro rata, where applicable) for those services already provided by Runes of Mystery under the contract. . The USER retains the right to demonstrate that very little or no damage or loss whatsoever has resulted. If the USER is able to demonstrate that no damage or loss has resulted or that the damage or loss is considerably lower then the fees retained, then the USER will be recompensed for the difference.

4.4 Runes of Mystery is also entitled to block a USER access to their account and to online games and websites operated by Runes of Mystery if the USER breaches this user contract. If access is blocked, the USER will be recompensed by Runes of Mystery on a pro rata basis for any usage fees already paid but unused.

4.5 When access is blocked with good cause Runes of Mystery reserves the right to levy a fee for administrative costs incurred by it, in processing the access blockage. The USER retains the right to demonstrate that no damage or loss whatsoever has resulted or that this damage or loss is considerably lower. If the USER is able to demonstrate that no damage or loss has resulted or that the damage or loss is considerably lower than the administrative fee charged, then the USER will be recompensed for the difference.

5. Payment Methods

5.1 All subscription fees for the contract duration are payable in advance. They become due the day after the free play time has ended. All levied subscription fees include sales tax.

5.2 All payment methods (e.g. credit card, direct debit, transfer) and their requirements are given for each game, on their respective websites for example.

5.3 Runes of Mystery processes all credit card payments and bank transfers for its customers. All credit card numbers and data entered for direct debit by the user will be checked by Runes of Mystery for validity.

5.4 If extra costs arise for Runes of Mystery such as cancellation fees or debit return charges due to the USER's debts or insufficient bank balance, the user must pay all extra costs and Runes of Mystery is permitted to charge those additional costs together with the original fees to the USER's bank account or credit card. If payment is made using direct debit or credit card and debit return charges are incurred Runes of Mystery will levy an administrational fee of 20.00 EUR by direct debit. The USER retains the right to demonstrate that no damage or loss whatsoever has resulted or that this damage or loss is considerably lower.

5.5 Objections concerning invoice amounts must be lodged forthwith by the USER and within 6 weeks of receiving the invoice at the latest, by email or letter. If a complaint is not formally lodged within this time period the charges will be assumed to have been accepted by the USER. Runes of Mystery will advise the USER on the invoice of the consequences of lodging a timely complaint.

6. Default of Payment, Possessory Lien, Non-Assignment Clause

6.1 If the USER defaults on payment, Runes of Mystery has the right to block access to the USER's account and to its online games and websites until all outstanding fees are paid. The USER has to pay no fees for the time the account is blocked. Runes of Mystery reserves the right tolevy a fee for reasonable administrative costs incurred in processing the account cancellation. The USER retains the right to demonstrate that no damage or loss whatsoever has resulted or that this damage or loss is considerably lower. If the USER is able to demonstrate that no damage or loss whatsoever has resulted or that the damage or loss is considerably lower then the administrative fee charged, then the USER will be recompensed for the difference. The right to terminate a contract without notice as set out in Figure 4.3 remains unaffected.

6.2 The transfer of a USER's claim to a third party is excluded.

7. Contractual Obligations of Runes of Mystery

7.1 Runes of Mystery'S websites and online games are at the USER's disposal for the types of use stipulated in this contract. These websites and online games are continually updated, adapted, expanded and changed. The USER therefore only receives the right to use these websites and online games in their respective current versions.

7.2 The USER's right to support and maintenance of websites and/or online games for the version present at the time of the conclusion of the contract is excluded. Runes of Mystery will however endeavour to use due care and skill in the provision of the websites and/or the online games. Runes of Mystery reserves the right to discontinue the operation of websites and/or online games without providing a reason. In this case the USER will be recompensed for any fees already paid in advance (pro rata, where applicable) for services which Runes of Mystery did not provide in full. The USER's right to immediately cancel a contract relating to an unusable game remains unaffected. Other user rights are excluded unless stipulated elsewhere in these terms and conditions.

7.3 The online-game software enables the USER to play our online-games within the bounds of technical and operative possibilities. The current technical and content-based game requirements and, in particular, the codes of conduct for the online games can be found on their respective websites.

7.4 The online games are made available to the USER to play using their respective websites, taking into account the contractual agreements (including a fee, where applicable). Game instructions can be found on the game's dedicated website. After a successful contract conclusion (see Figure 2) the USER is granted access to the game by using their username and password to log in.

7.5 The USER's computer must meet the minimum system requirements to play the online-games. The system requirements can be found on the dedicated websites for each online-game.

7.6 Runes of Mystery guarantees that their online games and websites will be available 90% of the time over a year. Excluded from the above are times at which the online game servers are not available due to issues outside of Runes of Mystery'S influence (e.g. acts of God, failings of a third-party) as well as during routine maintenance work. Runes of Mystery remains liable for the unavailability of their online games when this is caused through gross negligence or deliberate acts. Runes of Mystery retains the right to limit access to their online games and websites, if required, in order to maintain network security and integrity, and especially, to avoid severe disruption to the network, software, or saved data.

8. Software Condition, Defects, Viruses, Spyware

8.1 Runes of Mystery will endeavour to use due care and skill to make sure that the software used always matches the most current technology, however, software that is free from error cannot be guaranteed. The USER must be aware that the online games cannot operate free of error at all times using all functions and in all hardware configurations.

8.2 The websites and/or online games are seen to be defective only when their playability/ease of use is difficult or disrupted for a sustained period of time exceeding 3 days. The USER must always carefully document website and/or online game defects and supply logged error warnings in writing. Before reporting a possible error the USER should consult the service/game instructions and problem resolution made available by Runes of Mystery (especially lists with frequently asked questions, problem-related discussion forums). The USER must support Runes of Mystery to the best of their abilities in resolving the error.

8.3 The USER must file their error complaint with Runes of Mystery as soon as the error has been discovered. For reasons of evidence the USER is recommended to send error complaints in writing to Runes of Mystery (by fax, post, or email).

8.4 Errors which are caused by factors outside of Runes of Mystery's control such as misuse by the USER, acts of God, or changes and other manipulations not effected by Runes of Mystery are excluded from this guarantee.

8.5 Runes of Mystery offers no legally enforceable guarantee other than as explicitly set out in this user contract.

8.6 Runes of Mystery protects its systems against virus attack; however a virus attack can never be completely precluded. It is possible that unauthorized emails from third-parties using Runes of Mystery's name may be sent without permission which may contain viruses or spyware, or links to websites which contain viruses and spyware. Runes of Mystery has no influence over this. The USER should, therefore, check all emails purporting to be from Runes of Mystery for viruses and spyware. This also applies to emails from other users.

8.7 Runes of Mystery accepts no liability for damages or loss of data caused to the USER's computer by installing software which does not originate from Runes of Mystery. It is incumbent upon the USER to check whether their system is suitable for using such third-party software as well as regular backing-up of data.

8.8 Runes of Mystery’s liability for indirect or consequential loss is excluded.

8.9 To the extent that any terms, conditions or warranties are implied into this user contract by law that cannot be excluded, to the extent permitted by law, Runes of Mystery’s liability in relation to such terms, conditions and warranties is limited to resupply of the services or paying someone else to resupply the services.

9. Right of Use

9.1 The online games and websites and all ownership rights remain the sole property of Runes of Mystery and the respective licensors and are permitted for personal and non-commercial use by the USER. The online game software made available by Runes of Mystery is permitted to be used by a commercially available internet browser (see fig. 10.5 for examples of forbidden conduct). The dissemination and propagation of the games, software or other elements to a third party is not permitted unless otherwise stipulated in these usage rights.

9.2 The USER is not permitted to distribute, sell rights to, repackage, or distribute the online game software in any another form without prior written consent from Runes of Mystery. This also includes exploitation/distribution of login details, rights of use, paid soliciting, as well as other formulations to try and subvert the prohibition on distribution.

9.3 The unauthorized exploitation, dissemination, duplication, or other types of breaches of the commercial trade mark and ownership rights of Runes of Mystery will be prosecuted in a civil and/or criminal court of law.

9.4 Unless otherwise specified by law, the USER is not permitted to add elements to the online game software or change, delete or modify online game software elements into another form unless Runes of Mystery has given its explicit and written consent. The USER is especially not permitted to copy, remove or otherwise use graphical elements.

9.5 Unless otherwise specified by law, the USER is not authorized to modify, restructure, redevelop, decompile, disassemble, or try to decode the software source code by any other methods unless this information has been made available by Runes of Mystery. Excepted is when decompiling is essential to achieve interoperability with another software program and when information regarding software interoperability has been requested from Runes of Mystery. All related information provided by Runes of Mystery and information supplied for approved decompilation may only be used for the purposes set out here. The USER is not permitted to disclose this information to a third party or use it to create a new software product whose intended purpose would conflict with that of Runes of Mystery's software product. The USER is asked to direct their questions relating to interoperability to Technical Support: [email protected]

9.6 The USER is also not permitted to evade game and website options which require payment by using software products or other third-party applications (especially 'Bots' or 'Cheats'). Breaches of figures 9.4, 9.5 or 9.6 give Runes of Mystery the right to immediately cancel a contract relationship with the customer. The right to subsequent and resulting claims is explicitly reserved.

9.7 Transferring personal accounts or individual game characters to third parties requires prior written consent from Runes of Mystery. Transferring is chargeable and the fees conform to the price lists at the time of transfer. Transferring is carried out at the USER's own risk. Runes of Mystery accepts no liability for possible loss of value of accounts, e.g. as a result of data loss. Runes of Mystery is also not obliged to reset passwords. Transfer without prior written consent from Runes of Mystery constitutes a just reason for an extraordinary termination of contract.

10. Game Items, 'Items', Special Functions, Interfering with the game and forbidden conduct

10.1 In the course of the online game, it is possible for the user to obtain virtual currency. Using this currency the USER is in a position to obtain certain objects ('items') which require payment. The prices and conditions of individual items can be found in the corresponding current price lists in the online game.

10.2 By requesting to obtain an item, the user sends a purchase offer to Runes of Mystery. The offer is accepted when the respective item is provided to the user.

10.3 All items shall remain the property of Runes of Mystery. The item shall solely be provided to the user in the scope of use in the game. As soon as the user contract between the parties regarding the online game ends, the rights of use for any provided items shall expire as well. Users shall be informed about this condition before ordering an item.

10.4 The USER is explicitly prohibited from selling, acquiring, renting, hiring, accepting, disseminating, duplicating, or otherwise offering items, virtual currency, or other game items within and/or outside the online game to third parties in any form, unless this is explicitly permitted in individual cases according to the terms and conditions of use of the individual items, or if the service received in return for the item is in the form of another item, game items, or virtual currency. If virtual currency, items, and/or other game items are traded or exchanged in large quantities without an equivalent value being provided in return within the online game it will be assumed that a breach of fig. 10.4 has taken place. The USER retains the right to provide evidence to the contrary.

A breach of this condition constitutes a just reason for an extraordinary termination of contract.

10.5 The USER is also prohibited from using the online game in any way that has not been foreseen by Runes of Mystery. The USER is strictly prohibited from the following conduct:

a) Using or disseminating software which alters the gaming experience or gives an advantage to the USER over other users (in particular: cheats, tools, bots, modifications and/or hacks);

b) Using or disseminating software, hardware or tools which mine, read, or collect data from the online game, this also includes reading data streams between Runes of Mystery's game server and the USER'S client, and also reading protected game client data.

A breach of the conditions as stipulated here in fig. 10.5 constitutes a just reason for an extraordinary termination of contract by Runes of Mystery. This also includes all acts of evasion, or similar behaviour, or conduct which contravenes the previously mentioned prohibited types of conduct.

10.6 Runes of Mystery aims to provide contractually agreed website functions and online games. Thus, Runes of Mystery has the right to employ suitable programs to discover breaches of the contract committed by users and to identify the USER in the case of a justified suspicion of a breach of contract. Runes of Mystery reserves the right to check the plausibility and reconcilability of individual actions with figs. 10.4 and 10.5 and, if necessary, to stop the activity.

10.7 The USER is advised that supporting and engaging in the breach of contract of another user is also treated as a breach of contract. The same applies to supporting and/or participating in third party attempts at interfering with the websites and/or online games.

10.8 Special functions which require payment are subject to the same conditions as items.

11. Duties and Obligations of the User

11.1 The principal obligation of the USER is to pay any potential fees which may arise. Another principal obligation is to give Runes of Mystery full and exact personal details which are required for a contract conclusion or for the contractual relationship. It is the USER's prerogative to ensure that all personal details given by them within the framework of the contract conclusion and the ongoing contractual relationship are correct and supplied in full as well as any contract-relevant circumstances (esp. bank account details and credit card number).

11.2 The USER must always adhere to the current code of conduct. Any information the USER wishes to publish and make available to other users on the websites and/or online games must be carefully selected. In particular, the user is obliged not to introduce any texts and/or images with illegal or immoral content into the online games, nor to transmit information, which incites racial hatred, glorifies violence or may otherwise severely jeopardize the moral development of children or adolescents or affect their well-being, as well as damage Runes of Mystery's reputation and nor to submit references to such information. In addition, it is forbidden for the user to insert unauthorized advertising for products or programs of third parties, which are protected by copyrights or other rights of third parties. The user may not run, allow to run, or employ any soft- or hardware-based third-party applications which enable the USER to influence the score or the normal course of the game. Nor to obtain achievements which are otherwise only obtainable during the course of the game for a fee.

11.3 In the case of non-compliance of the preceding figures, Runes of Mystery retains the right to block access to the USER's account, the online games and the websites, and to immediately extraordinarily terminate the contractual relationship. The right to assert further claims is reserved. The same applies in the case of credit card fraud, the use of incorrect credit card details, as well as incorrect bank details for direct debit transfers. The blocking of an account also means that all content and information supplied by the USER can be deleted from the database and websites.

11.4 Non-compliance with figure 1 gives Runes of Mystery the right to delete all information supplied by the USER. Runes of Mystery is especially authorized to delete USER supplied information if this information provides a concrete basis for non-compliance with these terms and conditions and the code of conduct, or when the supplied information is otherwise unlawful.

11.5. To right to have deleted information reinstated is excluded.

11.6 The USER is obliged to keep all passwords received from Runes of Mystery secret and not to disclose them to third parties, except in case of account transfers to third parties provided that Runes of Mystery's written permission is obtained in advance. If a third party uses an account after having obtained access details from a USER who failed to adequately protect them from unauthorized access, the USER will be held accountable for any actions that arise in respect to a contractual or legal infringement due to uncertainty concerning who accessed the account.

11.7 The player is prohibited from using software or hardware which is not part of the gaming software and which could be used by the USER, other users, or a third party to gain an advantage over other players in the game. The USER is also prohibited from causing and/or encouraging the use of this software or hardware by a third party in any shape or form. For instance, such programs include, but are not limited to:

?Programs to retrieve information from the game,
?Programs which emulate or automate individual actions or full processes in the game,
?Software which changes game data.

11.8 The USER is obliged to inform Runes of Mystery of any misuse of websites or online games by other uses which is known to them. To ensure an effective intervention Runes of Mystery asks the USER to inform them of this in writing (e.g. email).

12. Revocation

Right of revocation

The USER can withdraw his declaration of agreement at the end of a contract concerning the use of websites and online games as well as the acquisition of virtual currency within a time limit of two weeks without providing reasons in writing (e.g. letter, fax, or email). The time limit begins after receiving written instructions, but not before the end of the contract, and not before Runes of Mystery has fulfilled its duty to inform according to ?312c Para. 2 Civil Code of Germany (“BGB?, ?1 Para. 1, 2, 4 BGB-InfoV and ?312e Para. 1 S. 1 BGB, ?3 BGB-InfoV (from 11 June 2010: Article 246 ?2 in connection with ?1 Para. 1 and 2 German Code for Conflict of Laws (“EGBGB? as well as the duty according to ?312e Para. 1 Clause 1 BGB in connection with article 246 ?3 EGBGB). Observation of the revocation period is met by a timely dispatching of the revocation.

The revocation is to be sent to: Runes of Mystery

Email: [email protected]

Revocations sent by email must include the name of the online game as well as the name of the USER in the email subject.

Consequences of Revocation:

In the case of an effective revocation, services received by both contractual parties are to be reimbursed and, where applicable, benefits conferred are to be returned. If the USER is unable to reimburse Runes of Mystery with the received services, either in full, partially, or in a deteriorated condition, the USER must compensate Runes of Mystery for lost value (where applicable). This can also mean that the USER must pay the contractually stipulated payments up until the revocation period. This does not apply to surrendered virtual items if the deteriorated condition was solely caused by examining them, as would be the case if the goods were purchased in a retail store. The USER is required to compensate for lost value if the USER has used the items in a way that conflicts with the conventions of law, such as acting in good faith or unjust enrichment. Furthermore, the USER can avoid being required to compensate for loss of value if the USER does not view the goods as their own property and relinquishes any claim for their monetary value. The duty to reimburse payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. The time limit begins for the USER in sending their revocation statement, and begins for Runes of Mystery upon receipt of the statement.

Premature Expiration of the Right of Revocation

The USER's right of revocation will expire prematurely if the contract has been entirely fulfilled on both sides according to the explicit wishes of the USER, before the USER exercises their right of revocation. This can be assumed when the USER has made use of the online game i.e. virtual currency, and has paid in full.

End of Revocation Instructions

13. Copyright

13.1 The copyright as well as any related rights for the provided software as well as images, text, audio-visual or other content shall remain with their respective creator.

13.2 By supplying information the USER allows Runes of Mystery a license which is non-exclusive, free from payment, and revocable at any time, as well as the right to feature this content on the websites and/or online games, and publicly display, broadcast, reproduce and disseminate it.

13.3. Furthermore, Runes of Mystery has no right to disseminate the information supplied by the USER in places other than their websites and/or online games.

13.4 USER generated information can be viewed by third parties worldwide. By supplying their information the USER gives their agreement to this herewith.

13.5 This license expires when the USER deletes their content.

14. Data Protection

14.1 Runes of Mystery undertakes to protect the privacy of USERS. Nonetheless, in order to use the online games' software, the USER has to divulge certain data, namely: their personal data (family name, first name, address, e-mail address), payment-related data (for direct debit procedures: account holder, account number; for payments via credit card: credit card holder, credit card company, credit card number, expiry date). Further data may be provided on a voluntary basis. The data is collected in the course of registration and may be processed by Runes of Mystery, stored in a database and used for the execution of the contract; however, it shall not be transmitted to third parties. More detailed information on data protection is provided by Runes of Mystery in the data protection statements on each respective website.

14.2 Runes of Mystery requires the USER's online game software and account-system account names for identification.

14.3 Runes of Mystery will handle all data within all applicable guidelines of any applicable data protection law and privacy laws.

15. Liability

15.1 In so far as Runes of Mystery produces free to use services Runes of Mystery accepts liability only for damages caused by gross negligence or wilful misconduct. This does not, however, include liability for loss of life, bodily injury, damage to health, or in the case of a transfer of a guarantee through Runes of Mystery.

15.2 In so far as Runes of Mystery produces services which have a fee, Runes of Mystery accepts unlimited liability for acts of gross negligence and wilful misconduct. For everthing else, Runes of Mystery only accepts liability only in the case of an infringement of important contractual obligations or the breach of a guarantee. By important contractual obligations, also known as material obligations in the sense of jurisprudence the following obligations are implied; those which make the proper execution of a contract possible and upon whose fulfillment the USER can depend. The preceding limitations of liability do not apply to loss of life, bodily injury, damage to health, or in the case of a transfer of a guarantee through Runes of Mystery.

15.3 In the case of a breach of important contractual obligations, the liability to pay damages is limited to foreseeable damages.

15.4 Foreseeable damages are limited to a value of 50.00 EUR per account.

15.5 The preceding disclaimers/limitations of liability also apply in regard to the liability of employees, wage earners, staff, representatives and assistants of Runes of Mystery and especially for the benefit of shareholders, staff, representatives, organs and their members in respect to their personal liability.

15.6 All links to other Internet sites (using 'hyperlinks') present in this internet presentation represent websites created by other providers. Runes of Mystery has no influence on their contents. Runes of Mystery accepts no responsibility for the content of linked websites.

15.7 Runes of Mystery has no control over the information that the USER enters on the websites or in the online games. The information is not inspected by Runes of Mystery before it is published. Runes of Mystery will strive to immediately delete any unlawful information that it is aware of, or is made aware of.

15.8 Runes of Mystery accepts no liability whatsoever for the correctness, completeness, or reliability of any content, materials or information provided by the USER.

16. Minors

Minors may use all of the services and products from Runes of Mystery but only with consent from their legal guardians. By registering the user explicitly affirms: (i) they are over 18 and have legal capacity, (ii) in the case of minors, that they have their legal guardian's consent. Runes of Mystery retains the right to demand evidence of the USER's age of consent or of their legal guardian's consent.

17. Changes to Terms and Conditions of Business

17.1 Runes of Mystery retains the right to change or expand these terms and conditions at any time with effect in the future, insofar as it is deemed necessary, and as long as the USER is not negatively affected in terms of good faith. Any changes to these terms and conditions will be announced in an appropriate fashion in writing. The announcement will generally be followed with publication on the websites or in the online games operated by Runes of Mystery, or by email. The USER will always be made aware of any changes to the terms and conditions when they next log into the game by means of an announcement.

17.2 In case of changes to the detriment of the USER, the new Terms and Conditions will only become applicable if Runes of Mystery has informed the USER about the changes and the USER has not raised objections within one month of receiving Runes of Mystery's notice. Runes of Mystery also has the right to announce changes via a special notice on its websites. In addition, changes to the General Terms and Conditions shall be considered as approved if the user continues to use Runes of Mystery's services after the expiry of the one-month period.

17.3 If the user does not accept the planned changes in due time, the contract with the USER ends at the point when the changes would take effect. In this case, any remaining credit on the account of the USER will be recompensed. Runes of Mystery will advise the USER on changes, the possibility to reject and end a contract, deadlines, legal consequences, and especially in regards to the consequences of not contesting the changes.

18. Miscellaneous

18.1 Notifications and explanations which the USER gives to Runes of Mystery must be in writing, as well as amendments to, or removal of the requirement for the written form.

18.2 All comments by users published on the websites of Runes of Mystery represent external content and these comments solely express the personal opinions of the respective users. Runes of Mystery may not be held responsible for this content in any way. The same shall also apply to statements made in the online games.

18.3 The contractual relations between the parties shall be exclusively governed by German law. The use of the UN Convention for the International Sale of Goods is expressly prohibited. If the users are merchants, the place of jurisdiction shall be Frankfurt.

18.4 Should any conditions of these general terms and condition and/or contract become ineffective, the effectiveness of the remaining conditions remain unaffected.

19. Imprint

Runes of Mystery
EMAIL [email protected]
Web _ HYPERLINK www.runesofmystery.com

Responsible for content in accordance with Sec. 10, subsec. 3 of the Interstate Media Service Treaty: Runes of Mystery

Internet sites (also known as hyperlinks) which are linked from this online presentation are created by other providers. We have no influence over their contents. We therefore assume no liability for the contents of linked sites

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand the foregoing License Agreement and agree that by clicking “Accept or installing the Game Client I am acknowledging my agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions of this License Agreement.